Why Bumper


1 Year Paint Warranty

Bumper uses only the best
quality paints and materials.

We have state-of-the-art
equipment and certified technicians.

This is why we can confidently
offer our 1 year Paint Warranty!


Quick & Easy

Delivery within 48 Hours!#

Our turn-around-time is the
best in the industry.

Pick up and drop is upon us if
you use our service.

Pay online, card swipe on
delivery or COD


Save Money

Up to 58% discount over market rates! see pricing

Bumper works incredibly hard
to standardize pricing across all
car brands.

No haggling. No Upselling.

Watch Out!


Color Mismatch

Other Garages use substandard paint and ancillaries which result in a poor finish

Bumper uses only the best quality paints and ancillary materials


Baking in sun

Other Garages paint in the open which attracts dust and causes pinholes and paint peel off

Other Garages use sunlight to dry and bake the paint which causes color fading

Bumper’s cars are always painted baked only in a Paint Booth



Instead of using Paint Strippers, Other Garages make do with Grinders, which cause damage to the metal in the car panel!

Bumper mandates the use of Paint Strippers.


Filling Putty

Other Garages frequently use Putty instead of Filler, which significantly increases the weight of the repaired panel and causes the panel to lose shape slowly!

Bumper enforces the use of a thin layer of light-weight Filler


Upload Dent Photos

Step One screen for Car Dent & Paint- Bumper App

Track Service Status

Bumper App- Car Dent & Paint process

Pay via App & Done!

Bumper- Car Service & Repair App


Fixed and low prices, no matter which brand you own!

Scratch Rs 1,699 Rs 1,999 Rs 2,399 Rs 5,599 Remove all scratches and repaint the panel
Dent Rs 2,499 Rs 2,699 Rs 3,099 Rs 7,999 Remove all dents and scratches and repaint the panel
Full Body Paint Rs 20,999 Rs 24,999 Rs 29,999 Rs 84,999 Remove all dents/scratches and repaint all panels (excluding roof)

These are promotional prices, valid only for early users! Hurry!

Bumper Payment modes:

What is a panel? A section of the outer body is called a panel - each car has a total of 15 panels.


What’s the difference between a Scratch and Dent?

A dent is when the metal of the panel has been bent; even a wee bit of bent metal matters because then we have to get special tools to get the metal in perfect shape before we can paint and finish the surface perfectly. Sometimes you may think that a damage is a scratch but our technician will tell you that it is a dent – this is normal; the technician is only trying to say that the metal is slightly bent and he will need to get the metal to perfect shape before proceeding with the surface finish.

#Not applicable for full body paint and major damages